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Watch "How to Sellbyradio" - then produce your Ad Spot

How to SellByRadio file download in MP4 format
How to SellByRadio file download in MP4 format
MP4 video/audio file [4.6 MB]

A Guide to Writing and voicing your own Radio Advertisment

 1.  Write tight.  In an ad that will only last 15 to 60 seconds, every word counts. Use precise nouns and verbs, making less use of adjectives and adverbs.


2.  Keep the listeners' attention. Tell them the benefits or what your product or service can do for them.


3.  Communications. Say your phone number, website, or location more than once.


4.  Use word choice to make your Ad sound good to the potential customers.


5.  Write your radio Ad Spot in the space provided so you concentrate more on how you say it so that it results in the desired action from your listeners: to visit, purchase, make donation, etc.


6.  Determine who will speak the message of your commercial. You will want the Announcer to have a pleasing tone of voice, cadence, and volume that is uplifting and clear as a bell. 


7.  Purchasers prefer to hear from the seller directly, so your own voice is your first opportunity for one and one contact with potential buyers and a basis for creating trust.


8. Listen to your recorded Spot and record again until you are satisfied.


9. Recording quality is important, so use a USB type Mike or Headset when recording with your computer. Ensure there are no background noises which would clutter or distort your message.

FAQ for Advertisers


Q. How many paths are there to get to the site

A. 1. In your browser enter

2. On the web site of any participating Radio Station. Click on the logo.

3. Soon - through your Smart phone.

4. Type "sellbyradio" in any search engine..


Q. As a small business we need the ability to advertise at short notice. How much time in advance do I have to place my Spot?

A. Most Radio Stations will usually be able to accommodate your Spot the day following your order. Should there be a problem with the broadcast time of your Spot, the Radio Station will contact you to make agreeable arrangements.


Q. What personal information do you capture and who gets it.

A. ask only for your identity. This is so that we, the Radio Stations and their listeners reached by you through your message, are assured that you are legitimate and will correctly represent yourself. No financial information is requested by or participating Radio Stations. Only PayPal will securely process your transactions.


Q. Which Radio Stations can I advertise on?

A. You can only advertise on Radio Stations which have Minutes / (Spots) available for sale. These will be listed after you use the “SEARCH FOR AVAILABLE SPOT”  and those Stations represented by “Green Towers”  on the landing page Map.


Q. How do I select a Station in my area.

A. Click on “Search for Available Spot” in the Advertiser Section. After you fill in your selections (see below), all the Radio Stations in your selected area will be listed. Click on the one you prefer and continue on to your purchase.


Q. Can I pay by Credit or Debit Card?

A. Yes, your Credit Card transaction is securely handled by PayPal. do not hold any financial information on any Advertiser. This is to ensure that Advertisers are assured the best security of their financial information when completing purchases from member Radio Stations.


Q. How does PayPal work?

A. PayPal is an online payment system available to evryone. PayPal operate in over 100 countries, in 50 languages using 18 currencies. It is the fastest, safest method of completing a Credit Card transaction.  


Q. How many insertions do I have to order?

A. You can buy one Spot or hundreds. You are only limited by the amount of minutes available for sale on any given date / day part per Station.


Q. What are the periods of the broadcast day and night?

A. There are five standard periods. These are 12am-6am, 6am-10am, 10am-3pm, 3pm-7pm, 7pm-12am. Your Add spot will be broadcast within the time period selected.


Q. Why is 12am-6am often cheaper than 6am -10am

A. Radio Advertising Spots are valued based on a Cost per Thousand Listeners. Traditionally, there are far fewer listeners at 3am in the morning than at 8am.


Q. Can I use my own voice?

A. Yes you can. If you wanted to buy a car would you not prefer to hear directly from the person who is going to sell it to you. The personal commitment you hear in their own voice inspires confidence. On you can use any available voice to read your Spot after you have written it out (see below)


Q. What if I have a pre-recorded Ad message?

A. If you have a pre-recorded Ad (perhaps one already on MP3) you can attach it and move on to Checkout. Note: Ensure the Ad messages do not exceed the time purchased as this may result in your Ad not being run or cut short or rejected by our software.


Q. How long is an Ad Spot?

A. Ad spots are either 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec or 60 seconds


Q. Why cant I find a Station I know well to buy an Ad Spot on?

A. There are thousands of Radio Stations and only one legal platform worldwide, as Patents have been applied for. Stations which have not subscribed to the service as yet, are unavailable to Advertisers through this platform.


Q. As a Customer, who am I buying my Ad Spot from?

A. The platform is simply an online tool which Radio Stations use to offer advertising Spots to Advertisers. Advertisers use the platform because it is the cheapest and fastest way to use Radio to promote their Goods and Services in their communities. The completed transaction is a contract between the Advertiser and the selected Radio Station/s.


Q. What recourse do I have should my Ad Spot be rejected due to the Radio Station’s policies?

A. You would discuss that with the Radio Station directly. Each Station has the right and responsibility to reject any Ad that it finds in breach of its ethical and legal practices. Contact the Radio Station to learn their policies. Click the link to the Station’s site on the Map profile. Once processed by sales are final.

Should a refund occur, all associated charges will be deducted from the original transaction amount.


Q. How does the Map help me to find the ideal Radio Station to advertise?

A. All participating Radio stations will show green on the World Map. When at the point of clicking on a subscribing Station, it will reveal the Station Name, Call Sign, Frequency, Average cost per minute to buy a Spot, Web site address of the station, City location and .

Now you can compare one Station with the other for affordability, explore the websites of Radio stations and look and listen to their programming. Finally, directly from your selected Radio Station’s website, you can purchase your spot/s on

On the Map page - Click on the Country, State and City to find your Radio Station

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