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The Sellbyradio, cloud based engine, can deliver low volume, low cost User generated paid content to broadcast & streaming Media.


As well as delivering timed Ad Spots, it affords Media the opportunity to create new types of monetized programming which can now include paid participation from listeners.


The Engine currently accepts or produces 15, 30, 45 or 60 second messages, at media determined prices, on


The User, after creating a free account, is able to produce and voice their own message in the built-in Studio or upload a prerecorded message for broadcast on participating media, communicating directly with their targeted Radio Listener. Payment is by Credit Card processed securely by PayPal.


Programs such as:

"Community Marketplace" can offer Ad Spots delivered by the engine from individuals and small enterprises to market products & services.

"Playola" could be the program where aspiring musicians can get the first or edited minute of their musical composition promoted on the "Air".

SpeakEZ" could be a program that sells a minute to individuals and organizations that want to prorogate opinions on the current promoted subject (such as the Economy or supported political Party).

Your Cause” could be a program that collects revenue for listed charities with part proceeds going to the charity.

Contact SellByRadio and let us discuss how our engine can be adapted to your specific needs.


The TV version in development can use the webcam on a Users computer to record video or upload a pre recorded video. Further development is been done to the engine including Smartphone functionality and Audio / video editing in the studio.

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Media Account Screen Shots


At Last! Your Media is able to recieve:


                NO Cost of Sales

  • Advertising Spots by eMail from your community through the service.


                  NO Production time or cost

  • The "Spot" will already be written and Recorded in MP3 to the Spot's duration in the  SellByRadio built in Studio. You will also know the insertion dates and Day Parts.


             NO Collections or bad debt cost

  • The Funds for the Spot/s will be delivered to your Media's PayPal account seconds after each sale.


             NO external advertising cost to Media

  • The promotion of the service by the Media is only on (it's) own Medium and any other normally available promotional strategy.


             Financed by

  • Benefit from the national multi media advertising of the platform in bringing business to your Media.


           Create new revenue from visitors to your Media's website. 

  • Media members, have links to and from the service through their website. These links will direct the click through Advertiser directly to that Media's account on to produce the Ad Spot and complete the financial transaction, then forward the recorded Spot and insertion order to the originating Media.


         Connect more effectively with your  listening community

  • Using the service (in addition to new, cost free revenue) will become a public relations success for your Media as it promotes commerce inside the community / broadcast arena and between its's listenership.

 , promoting trade and growth in Communities


Qualifing  Media (see Note 1), apply for a licence now and watch your advertising revenue grow! -

Click on "Contact us" on our site

Media Overview

Go to - Click on "Contact Us" select Radio Station and let your Media be the marketplace for your community.

How to manage your Radio Stations Account

After clicking on "CONTACT US" on the landing page of, Media fill out the above Media Application Form which is sent by e-mail to our Administrator for validation

There are over 10,000 commercial Radio Stations broadcasting programming on-air in the USA and many more in the rest of the world. Additionally, there are innumerable Media streaming content over the internet. 

Typically, these  Media have a focused editorial direction,  and demographic. The principal means of funding for these Media, is advertising revenue.


New Advertisers

An almost untapped market for generating advertising revenue for Media, are the local small enterprises,individual listeners and the diaspora who listen on streaming media. These individuals, often only three or four times per year, have goods or services to sell or require a promotional effort. However, these individuals cannot afford the production and multiple insertion cost typically associated with Media  advertising to cover their cost of sales.


Media would be able to considerably reduce their cost of sales and accept single insertion advertising, if the following costs were removed:

  • Cost of Sales for unsold minutes, 21 days or less before broadcast time.
  • Avertising copy production time / cost.
  • Accounts receivable, collection cost or bad debt
  • Transportation and communications cost.
  • Promotion cost other than own, on-air, self promotion of your own website.


The function of  SellByRadio is to:

  • Remove the above costs and service requirement from Media for their non-Advertising Agency business.
  • Advertising minutes which are unsold a week before broadcast time usually will never be sold. The projected advance time of Spot purchase to broadcast can be as little as one hour Sellbyradio


The result, is that Media will be able to drastically reduce their cost per minute (CPM) to local Advertisers usng and accept single insertion "Spots" from this new down stream market.

eMedia advertising will now  become affordable to the average consumer to "Sell-by-Radio" their house, car, boat, appliance, etc.

For local SME's, offer the opportunity to create and launch through local Media, short term promotions, paid press releases, one off sales etc on the fly and buy only that time necessary to reach their selected demographic and with up to the minute copy.

Only Sellbyradio is offering these services to a Radio on a global basis.

Use Contact Us to apply for a Licence for the Sellbyradio platform now

Inventory Management - Here Media's Admin assign the default minutes for each time slot as well as the default price per minute. Available minutes can be edited for any day/time slot.

Transaction Reports - Here Media are able to view the Ad Spot purchases between any selected date range.

Radio Station Profile Feature: here displayed is a popup on the SbR main Map landing page providing Advertisers with basic info on Stations (like Average CPM) before signing in.

Note 1. "Qualifing Broadcast Media"

The Admin Department of complete due dilligence on applying Media to ensure that they qualify for our service.

Admin monitor your Media and ensure (along with other trade secret criteria) that your broadcasts are:

  • Consistant stream and quality.
  • Have reliable listener statistics available to potential Advertisers.
  • Produce sufficient content to deliniate the Media from Robot Stations
  • As much of the Spots placed through our Engine is last minute, a participating Media must demonstrate its ability to meet Advertisers Date and Day Part placement needs. 
  • That the Media declares it owns Copyright of its broadcast material or have the permission of the Copyright Owners.
  • That Media agree to all Terms of Use in place by including that have absolute and irrivocable right to withdraw or with hold its service at any time at its discretion.  


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