FAQ by Radio Stations

Q. What is SellbyRadio.com?

A. SellbyRadio.com is an online sales and production tool for Radio Advertising Spots.

SellbyRadio.com provides it’s online service to Radio Stations and Advertisers.

Sellbyradio.com serves your Radio Stations by:-

  • Providing a platform through which your Station can offer for sale unsold advertising minutes, up to three weeks prior to broadcast time to a new down stream Market, their listeners.

  • Delivering the broadcast-ready-Ad to the Radio Station by email immediately on the finalization of each transaction

  • Collecting the funds at the time of sale and depositing the Radio Station’s agreed amount in the Station’s PayPal account immediately on completion of each sale

  • PayPal and SbR commissions are deducted therefore no Accounts Payable is carried on a Radio Station’s books.

  • Allowing Radio Stations to have 100% control over the administration of their account on the SbR platform, including inventory of Minutes, prices for Minutes of each Day Part, PayPal deposit account, profile data, etc.

  • Providing a portal for access to the SellbyRadio.com Ad. Spot sales and production engine, through each Radio Station’s web site

  • Giving Radio Stations a simple, ready-made system that their existing staff can operate with full support from sellbyradio.com

  • Attracting new listeners who identify with and respond positively to the voices, characters, places and objects promoted by local advertising.

Q. How can a Radio Station maximize its income from SellbyRadio.com

A. Stations mave many options including:

  • Increasing the Minutes allocated to SellbyRadio.com for sale

  • Competitive pricing of Ad Spots

  • On air promotion of the Station's SellbyRadio facility for Listeners to inexpensively become Advertisers


Q. How easy or difficult will it be to administer?

A. A Radio station will be able to administer its business on the platform using less than 20 minutes per week.

When establishing an account with SellbyRadio.com, Stations decide on the amount of default minutes for each day part. The SbR engine will recreate those default minutes up to 21 days in advance. Stations can change these at will through their Admin gateway to the platform.


Q. Do Sellbyradio.com maintain transaction records and can Stations access reports from the system?

A. In addition to sending full details of each transaction to two email addresses immediately after each transaction is completed, Stations can sign in to their SellbyRadio.com account and generate their own reports from the system.


Q. What will it cost a station to join?

A. Becoming a Radio Station Member of SellbyRadio.com requires only an Account setup Fee of less than $80 (discounts available). Sellbyradio.com only receives a commission from sales generated by the our platform.


Q. What will my listeners have to gain from this program?

A. Listeners will identify with and respond positively to the voices, characters, places, services and objects presented by local advertisers. Ad Spots, voiced by Company Heads or the seller are accepted as a means of creating confidence and trust when soliciting business.


Q. How do I sign up and for how long?

A. Stations go to the "Contact Us" link in the https://sellbyradio.com site and complete the online application form to apply for membership.

On receipt, SellbyRadio.com will:

  • verify that the application is legitimately submitted for the Station by an authorized person. (All commercial terrestrial Radio Stations are already in our database)

  • that the Station offer a legitimate and dependable service to Advertisers.

  • that there is a registered office and accountable ownership and management to which Advertisers may seek recourse.

  • that the Station is in compliance with any regulating authority in the jurisdiction from which it officially carries out its business.

  • That the Station either owns the content it Broadcasts or has authority of the copyright holders to do so, as content affects the buying decisions of Advertisers.


Q. What will my Station be responsible for?

A. Each Station must decide on the cost per minute and the quantity of minutes assigned  to be sold on the platform (Stations can increase or reduce these quantities at any time as well as edit the values for any particular day (up to 21 days in advance. Additionally, Stations must fulfill their obligations to the Advertiser whom must be notified by the Station of any departure from the Advertisers intent when placing Ad Spots with the Station.


Q. If the content of the Ad Spot is considered inappropriate by my Station, what next?

A. Stations have exclusive responsibility to decide if content is inappropriate. To deny broadcast to an Ad Spot email sent by the platform's engine, click "Forward" and address to "admin@sellbyradio.com" with the caption "Refused for Content". the transaction will be reversed through PayPal and the Advertiser informed.


Q. Who will be the targeted audience?

A. Individuals, Small & medium enterprises in each Radio Station's Broadcast area and through internet streaming, a global market place.


Q. What can my listeners do to learn about selling by Radio?

A. Visit participating stations web sites, the SellbyRadio.org site or listen to Stations own on-air promotion of the service.


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