Opportunity for a Super Political Action Committee



The Founders of Sellbyradio.com are adapting the Sellbyradio engine to provide a radically new service for political campaigns or a Super PAC. This App launched software is linked to a purpose built Streaming Radio Station . The App engages the proactive participation of the supportive electorate in creating their own messages for broadcast while donating to the campaign.


Since the beginning of meaningful participation in the political campaign process, Super PACs' have become a leading propagator of political messages through the Media.


The (mainly attack) Ads have succeeded in reversing the fortunes of Candidates. The primary weakness of the SPAC is the perception that it is financed by a few entities that in turn have beneficial vested interests in the outcome.


 The App and its associated Radio Station will succeed in:


  • Increasing the supportive base for the Candidates objectives.
  • Increasing the amount of money raised to finance the Campaign.
  • Add to the political donations already made by Voters
  • Reduce the funds to be reported to the FEC (through SPAC's)
  • Ability to service the voting customer on demand through our engine, 24 X 7.
  • Ability to engage Voters in an inclusive manner that empowers the Voter.
  • SPAC is able to control the message content that flows on the Station.
  • By analysis of the message choices made by voters, Campaign is able to fine tune policy.

Game Changer for an SPAC

The SPAC Sellbyradio License


This 100% internet resident software was developed and tested over the past 3 years. The system has function control and administration at the levels of:

  • The SPAC supporter for establishing a free account, recording a message, selecting a donation and tracking transactions.

  • The Radio Station to recieve the timed MP3 recorded message for broacast.

  • The SPAC to manage key functionalities of the engine including User Membership tracking, donation tracking and reports.

The SbR Ad Spot sales and production engine was created by its Founders led by C.Robin Pixley. A Utility Patent has been applied for from the USPTO.

The service provided with the SbR SPAC License


  • The engine can be adapted and personalized to State laws and requirements.
  • SbR will license its software and service to onl;y one campaign per election.
  • SbR will host the iteration of the personalized software and Radio Station on its servers.
  • SbR will provide maintenance, operational administration and management of the systems.
  • SbR will create and manage the Internet Radio Station created for each campaign and training for SPAC staff in the use of the software and dashboard for generating reports from the system.
  • Primarily user access to the system will be through the website of the SPAC, however, links can be placed on any supportive site on the net.
  • The system will provide full accessibility and functionality by advertisers from anywhere in the world, with a connection to the internet and a free downloadable App, so overseas voters and foreign based troops and civil servants can participate.

Responsibilities of the SPAC


  • The SPAC will use its website and other promotional medium to encourage the participation of their supporters in the process and to focus their discussion points for broadcast.
  • As the purpose of the facility is to promote the objectives of the SPAC, the SPAC will have right to exclude any "Donated Message" that they regard as undermining their objectives.
  • By using the system, the User is applying for “Membership” of the SPAC and agrees that his/her recorded message is the copyright of the SPAC.
  • The system will capture User information and the SPAC shall have exclusive ownership of “Member” database and through its Admin Panel, will be able to search the database and extract usable data for other purposes.

Benefits to SPAC supportive voters

  • The SPAC voting supporter will be able to actively participate in the election process.
  • The supporter will feel more empowered and his contribution more decisive in achieving his/ her own political goals.
  • The supporter will see the direct benefit of the application of his financial contributions.
  • Supportive voters will become more involved and aware of the issues which define and differentiate his SPAC's political objective.
  • Using a computer or smart phone, the supporter will be able to complete all actions necessary to utilize the engine, from anywhere, at any time and without assistance.
  • The Sellbyradio engine will attract the younger voter and provide a platform to use familiar technology to become involved in the political process.

Cost to the SPAC


The essence of our process is that it provides a means for an individual to actively participate in the election process by using recorded messages to influence campaign policy.


As the Sellbyradio engine is newly developed and tested over the past threeyears, we see the SPAC as a perfect application of our Patent Pending technology and anticipate a profitable future growth of the business, both in commercial advertising and political campaigns.


We are therefore keen to establish business relationship with a progressive SPAC that is willing to utilize the platform and work with us in optimizing the benefits to voting members generally and the SPAC’s goals specifically.


While we have not settled on a specific license terms, we are open to offers which should include:

  • A License fee for the current General Election ending November 2016.
  • A fixed upfront expense for the initial setup of the engine's systems and Radio Station.
  • A Royalty percentage of the dollar transactions across the engine.

We look forward to working with you in a professional and extremely confidential environment.


Kindly complete the form below as the next step in a successful business relationship with Sellbyradio.


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