Introduction for Professional Licensed Users (PLU)

The Advertising Sales and Production Engine (“the Engine”) is a web-based application / service that enables Professional Licensed Users (“PLU”) to sell, produce, record, collect payment and send insertion orders to selected broadcast or streaming Media in the USA and many other Countries using a laptop at point of sale. Licenses the Engine to PLU who own their own advertising sales business. As a Licensed User, through a Password protected Admin Dashboard, PLUs' are able to sign both Media and advertising customers to the Engine.


The PLU's Advertisers (“Clients”), through PLU Websites and other means, are also able to view and purchase such Minutes as are assigned by Media for sale through the Engine.

PLU application and approval process

PLUs are able to sign Media to the engine after do due diligence to ensure:

  • that the Media broadcast at the stated times

  • that statistical information which informs the decision of Users to Advertise is accurate and accessible by Users through Media's website.

  • that the Media owns the content broadcast / streamed or has permission of the copyright holders.

  • that there is a readily identifiable and accessible Person/ entity to whom Users can direct their inquiries and have complaints redressed.

  • That the Media understands the operation of the Engine

  • that the Media agrees to promote the use of the Engine on its broadcast media and on its websites in order to educate the advertising public and create sales through Links to the Engine.

  • That on approval, the Media signs the Media License and agrees to the Terms of Use. .

PLU signing Advertisers to the Engine

(See a “How to” video produced for Advertisers at

  1. On arrival at from the supplied Account Link provided, the PLU establishes a free account for his advertising Client. The engine will associate that Advertising Client with the PLU that will receive a commission for every transaction through the Advertisers account hence forth..

  2. The Advertiser (or the PLU on it's behalf) is able to view and purchase Ad Spots from any Media on the system and select from the available minutes in each day part offered for sale by any Media.

  3. At the Studio, the Advertiser is able to select Spot duration, number of insertions per time slot, type advertising message, then record the message using its own internet connected computer and a USB headset. Alternatively, the Advertiser is able to upload a prerecorded Spot (provided it is timed to the selected duration of either 15,30,45 or 60 seconds).

  4. When satisfied, the Advertiser proceeds to the Billing section where able to review each purchased Slot in a line entry format, which contains the prices, insertion dates and Day Parts etc. At this point, the User is able to deselect any Spots and the invoice will automatically recalculate the total billing.

  5. Finally, at the Checkout window, the Advertiser enters Credit Card details and Checkout.

  6. Users are able to generate reports of their purchases on the Engine through their account Dashboard as well as play previously recorded Ad Spots.

Operation of the Engine by Media

Media are able to sign in to their Password protected Accounts in the engine where the following functionality is available:

  1. Manage Inventory – Media is able to determine and assign default minutes and cost per minute (CPM) for each Day Part covering 21 days in advance. Media is also able to adjust inventory for any day / day part.

  2. Generate Transaction Reports – Media is able to generate sales reports for any user defined period

  3. Profile Details – Media is able to update details affecting profile data and email addresses used to receive Sales Transaction for each sale.

  4. Account Settings – Media is able to change Password which control access to Media Account as well as the PayPal email addresses for the deposit of the proceeds of sales.

  5. Featured Profile- Media is able to upload Logo for display on the system as well as the Average CPM, link to Media's Web Address, City, Format etc.

  6. FAQ- Media has Frequently Asked Questions support and the ability to email for further Support.

  7. Training – provides training through Skype (account name “sellbyradio”) and other interactive medium.

Media / Advertiser Relationship


As the owner of such Minutes offered by Media to the Advertiser, all sales consummated on the Engine involving a Media are treated as transactions between the Media and the Advertiser. As such, the Media is therefore allowed to communicate with the Advertiser privately and outside the Engine and engage the Advertiser in a manner typical of that considered normal with any customer.


Aside from communications to directly by the Advertiser, do not communicate directly with a PLU's Advertisers or make any direct solicitation regarding any other business save the normal operation of the Engine. Neither do we offer to any other entity not associated with the PLU or the Advertiser. information on PLU transactions except where required by Law.

Output of the Engine

After successful processing of the Users Credit Card by PayPal, the Engine directs the following to occur:

  1. Financial – The (currently) 75% of the proceeds of sale are deposited in the Media’s PayPal Account.

  2. The Engine, prepares and sends an email to the Media and the Advertiser.

  3. The mail contains:

  • Details of the Advertiser information

  • An insertion order detailing the duration, number, insertion dates and Day Parts and financial details of the transaction

  • An attached MP3 file of the Spot for broadcast.

  • A confirmation of payment to the Media's PayPal account. (PayPal will also confirm the deposit to the medias account).

Watch the process for creating an Ad Spot from your desk

Commissions on Sales

A Commission is deducted from the proceeds of each sale which is shared between the PLU and the engine. The balance will be deposited immediately in a PayPal account owned and under the sole control of the Media. In the event that transaction and collection costs rise beyond current levels, reserves the right to increase its commission to cover such cost with notice by email to the Media

Cost of Sales and Collections

The engine will auto pay both the Media and PLU in their PayPal accounts.

From its commission, shall pay all cost of its Engine, all transaction costs, all Credit Card Charges and transfer fees.

PLU License Fees

In respect of the service offered by the Engine and the rights granted to the PLU, it is agreed that charge an annual License and account maintenance fee.


PLU License renewal

Renewal will take place 30 days before expiry at such fees as decided by at it's discretion.

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